Ensource Capital, LLC is a Michigan-based cryptocurrency mining company founded by an entrepreneurial group of individuals that are early-adopters and believers in blockchain technology. For over two years, Ensource Capital’s founders have been extensively experimenting and testing various mining equipment. Our rigs are custom-built and have gone through extensive testing to maximize the balance of MH/s, hardware cost and power consumption. Our rigs feature custom GPU firmware, proprietary racking for airflow/temperature control and we’ve developed enterprise level rig management software to monitor and install mass updates centrally. The result has been fantastically stable and profitable ether (ETH) production.

Ensource Capital, LLC is not an investment advisor or money manager. Ensource is not a cryptocurrency trading company. Ensource is not an ICO company. Ensource is strictly an aggregator and assembler of computer equipment that validates and secures transactions on various platforms in exchange for cryptocurrency.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact us.