David Warner, Director & COO
Mark Niskanen, Director & CTO
Patrick Robey, Director & CIO
Max Friar, Director & CMO


In January 2015, when Dave Warner’s son emerged from the basement and stated that “his computer was making him money”, Dave didn’t think much of it. Then he happened to walk past his son’s computer a couple days later and became curious. He’d read about Bitcoin before, but now he saw that not only was it a very real concept, it could be hugely profitable. He helped his son boost the computer's processing power with an upgraded power supply and multiple graphics cards, but soon reached the limits of his own technical knowledge. He turned to the tech-savvy people he knew and was soon connected with Mark Niskanen. Together, they began investing in the infrastructure necessary to develop a full-scale mining operation. To take things to the next level though, they would need capital. This is where Max Friar and Patrick Robey came in. Max and Dave had worked together previously on a project and during that time they had developed a mutual respect and admiration for each other’s integrity and entrepreneurial achievements. Starting from the ground up with our existing Ether mine, the team has a vision for a massive MH/s mining center (and beyond).