David Warner, Director & COO
David Warner, Director & COO

Dave pushes organizations, people and machines hard. But not as hard as he pushes himself. By the age of sixteen he was on his own. Throughout high school he’d frequently fall asleep in class, not because he’d out partying but because he’d been hanging drywall through the night.

His first “real job” was at Micro Manufacturing, where he started out in assembly and was soon running machines. Being naturally inclined to seek out process efficiencies and continually improve systems, he devised strategies for maximizing efficiency and boosting profitability. He learned a lot on the floor and put this knowledge to use in sales. The higher-ups were impressed when he began locking down large contracts and lining up millions of dollars in new revenue. After leaving Micro Manufacturing, an opportunity presented itself when the Vice President of a small CNC shop left. Dave stepped in and grew the firm from a two million in revenue to six million in three years, while also getting the company’s foot in the door of the aerospace and medical industries. However, he eventually discovered that his employer was engaging in conduct that he considered to be unethical, so he saw no option for himself but to quit.

After perusing a Federal contracting website, he decided that his next business opportunity had arrived. He started consolidating purchase orders for government agencies including the FBI. When Hurricane Katrina hit, FEMA was in desperate need for people with his skills. Knowing that lives were on the line, he did whatever it took to make sure that infant and toddler packages got to those in need. Dave returned to the manufacturing industry by starting his own business – Next Level Manufacturing. Starting with a single machine (which he soon discovered did not even function), Dave rapidly grew Next Level Manufacturing from zero to an $8MM operation over six years. Recently, Dave founded Next Level Armament, a firearms and accessories manufacturing business that already enjoys top line distributors and a recognized brand among firearm aficionados.

Dave brings a tremendous amount of operational, management, and leadership experience to the team. The same intense drive and ambition he has applied to his other endeavors, he brings to this opportunity. Not only does he have years of experience working with CTO Mark Niskanen building and optimizing rigs for cryptocurrency mining, some would argue that he’s obsessed with this rapidly evolving technology. As a frequent presence on cryptocurrency online forums and voracious reader of ICO white papers, he truly understands the potential of the blockchain and its applications to almost every aspect of business and the general consumer.